Monday, 27 April 2009

I made this in photoshop to do with the swine flu and russel brand normally calls people swines i find it funny.


This is anoying all my work looks terrible in photoshop i think i shall do some sketch book work because i havnt done any in a long time

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Henry Moore

Henry moore is one of my favourite artist. He started off doing drawing of people in the under ground sleeping while london was being bombed .

I like how he uses the lines and criss cross them to show shadow and depth. i found this works well when drawing clothing.
Paul Romano is the guy that does the mastodon art work.

More amazing music and some art work

still have no idea who does there art work im still trying to find out but these pictures are awesome so are the videos
videos in order
Mastodon - Sleeping Giant
Mastodon "Colony Of Birchmen"
Mastodon ''
Capillarian Crest''

More awesome bands that i listen too while drawing

Journey - Don't Stop believing, if you don't like this song there is somthing horribly wrong with you. also Any way you want it by journey. this stuff is uplifting and gets me in the mood to work.

a video for don't stop believing, steve perry is one of the best rock singers in the world!

Mastodon new album

Mastodon Crack the skye has to be one of the best albums i have ever lisented to its like one big song that i don't want to stop. Also i love the album cover im going to find some more work by the person who ever did that and find abit more about them.

somthing i did in the summer on maya.

O yes only 44 days untill this epic weekend im really looking forward to going to this again i went in 07 which was good but the headliners i wasnt really bothered about, BUT this time it looks insane i rekon on the friday i will be at the main stage to see Limp bizkit Faitn no more and killswitch engage, hopefully Mastodaon will get anounced for the friday aswell but its doubtfull.
This time we are going on the wednesday to get the party started driving up from norwich to donington in ashleys pro bmw. Im abit sad about saturday due to a clash with slipknot and prodigy but hopefully i will catch the last 20minutes or so of slipknot so won't be that bad. I'm also surprised devildriver are playing the mainstage the pit for that should be awesome also along with hatebreed.
Sunday will probaly be chilled while watching journey and ZZ top two band that i thought i would never see in my life. Anywho this will surely be an epic weekend and also 30 more bands to be annouced.

My favourite games. Part 1


L4D i love this game because i love killing zombie, from kicking there heads off to setting them alight this game is awesome. The best part of this game is online playing with friends but the only bad thing is when you get stuck with a team that sucks balls.

DUKE NUKEM is awesome one of the first games i ever played and what got me into playing fps and computer games, some of the best one liners in the world in this game like ''im hear to kick ass and chew bubble gum im all out of bubble gum''

The worlds greatest manly song

Some awesome album art by Dan Mumford for the band GALLOWS
Hello, this is for my pdp for my second year foundation degree at NUCA norwich universtiy college of the arts. In this PDP i will be posting things that inspire me and extra work that doesn't have anything to do with my current project at uni. A-THANK-YOU